Dishwasher Repair

Servicing Your Dishwasher

When faced with bad timing from a broken dishwasher it can seem impossible to know where to start for the fixing process.

Should you do it yourself or hire a professional? You save money with one but if you screw it up, you could be paying a lot more over time with multiple repairs and replacement if other parts of the machine are affected. If you're in the Mill Creek area then you know that here at Rapid Appliance Repair we do a good job of being honest and guiding you to the best decision.

For keeping your appliances up to date and ensuring everything is going well inside, we offer services for that too.

What's the Issue?

Most issues with dishwashers are multifaceted. It's hopeful to think that one thing being off will solve all the issues but that isn't the case most of the time. A broken door latch is one thing as it's not really dependent on any other systems. But take a broken heating element or motor. These things feed into other systems and if not fixed right away they can cause bigger problems overall.

DIY repairs sound good in theory but if you don't trust yourself to work on your own car, why would you do the same for your dishwasher? There are plenty of trained technicians who've spent years studying this stuff and experimenting who are willing to help you for a low price.

At Rapid Appliance Repair we do all the grunt work to make sure you don't have to and give you peace of mind in knowing that the time-saving appliances will be back to running soon enough.

Getting to the root of the problem

Long cycle times

Sometimes when it seems like your dishes have been washing for an inordinate amount of time then it means something is up. There's probably an issue with the temperature readings which are the catalysts for the machine to move to another phase. Other elements could be the cause of the problem as well which a seasoned repairman would be able to detect right away.

Filling Issues

The dishwasher needs to have a sufficient amount of water to be able to cover all dishes properly to give them a thorough cleaning. If your water inlet valve is clogged then this problem will persist until it is unblocked or replaced.

However, from manufacturer to manufacturer the process and parts needed is a little bit different so instead of racking your brain around it, we can just do it for you.


Just like any other system with a drain such as your sink, clogs will quickly make it look like a flood is imminent. Your piping is possibly rusted over or blocked and just needs a swift cleansing which shouldn't take more than a half-hour.

Loud Noises?

A Your machine is supposed to have a low hum normally but when it starts to sound like an orchestra, it's safe to say it's time for an inspection. The noises have different meanings almost like a language such as a failing motor or a supply pump being jammed.

Who To Call When Your Dishwasher Stalls

If you're in Gardner then you should try giving us a call to come in and see how we can help you. It's not every day that your appliances break down and it shouldn't be a time-consuming process to fix it. On top of good rates, we offer insight into your options and leave the choice up to you. Come down to Rapid Appliance Repair today.